Board of Education Transportation Guidelines

  • Recent developments have led the Board of Education to evaluate the district transportation program and issues surrounding it. The purpose of the transportation program is:

    • to transport students to and from school, transport them for extracurricular activities, transport them on field trips, and to transport those requiring special services;
    • to provide efficient, effective and safe service;
    • to ensure that all students whose disability or distance from school requires them to receive necessary transportation do, in fact, receive it;
    • to adapt the transportation system to the demands of the instructional program;
    • to maintain transportation vehicles in the best possible condition;
    • to review at least once a year, school bus schedules and routing plans to ensure that maximum efficiency and safety are maintained;
    • to review at least once a year, the eligibility for transportation of students residing in the district, to ensure students are receiving the services they are entitled to.