Grade 1 / Mrs. Blodgett 

    Homework is an excellent tool for reinforcing classroom learning, developing time management  skills, and fostering responsibility. Therefore, your first grader will have daily assignments in spelling, math and reading. These assignments should not take much longer than about 10-20 minutes per night. In addition to these assignments your child should read 15 minutes each night. At first you may need to assist your child, but as they become more comfortable with the routine, they will be able to work more independently. So that you know what to expect, the homework is briefly outlined below.

    Agenda: Each night your child will bring home an agenda. Routine assignments as well as special assignments will be recorded in  this agenda each day. Please sign the agenda each night. 

    Spelling: The spelling book will come home each Monday after the new weeks words are introduced. Starting Monday one page of homework should be done each night. The spelling book is due back at school on THURSDAY. Spelling tests are given on Friday.

    Math: A math sheet will be sent home almost every night. This is a brief (5 – 10 minute) activity that reinforces the lesson from that day and/or a previous day. The math sheet may require the help of an older sibling or parent. This sheet is always due the next day.

    Reading: The Macmillan reading program offers the chance to send home guided reading books. These books may have been previously read by your child and they should be able to read them independently. These are always due back at school the following day. The “paper” books may be kept at home. Please make your child brings their “reading folder” back to school the next day. PARP participation is expected while the program runs (October – March).

    Handwriting: After a letter has been introduced for handwriting purposes, your child’s practice sheet may be sent home. Please have your child complete the sheet if it wasn’t completed in class. These sheets do not need to be returned to school.

    Supplemental: Occasionally I may send home an assignment that correlates with a specific unit of study.