• 2017/2018 Special Schedule
    Lunch is everyday 11:30-12
    Please note.... Just because playground time is now scheduled this does not mean that we will always have it.  The first weeks of school the playground is used very rarely in this class.  I go out once rules are learned,friendships are formed and names are learned.  If the playground area is wet we will not be using it.  Please make sure sneakers are at school to use the playground.
    Phy.Ed. with Miss. Beuth- 1:05-1:35 
    Playground Time-2:00-2:20
     Library Book Exchange- 1:35-1:55
    Library Class- 11-11:25
    Music with Mrs.Bemb 12:30-1:05
    Playground Time- 2:40-3 
    Playground Time- 11:05-11:25
    Phy. Ed. with Miss. Beuth- 12:35-1:05
    Art with Mrs. T- 1:05-1:45
    Phy.Ed with Miss Beuth.-12:35-1:05
    Music with Miss Mallory-1:05-1:35
    Playground Time- 2:30-2:50 
    Art with Mrs.T- 12:25-1:05
    Playground Time- 2:40-3