• New York State Education Law requires the district to provide transportation to some students. However, in no instance is the district responsible for the supervision of students before they board the bus to travel to school or after they depart the bus when returning home. Such supervision is the responsibility of the students’ parent(s) or guardian(s).

    While riding on a school bus operated by the district or under contract to the district, to or from school, to or from an extra classroom activity, and/or on a field trip, the school bus is considered an extension of the classroom. As such, the board requires all students to conduct themselves while on the bus in a manner consistent with standards typically found in a classroom. The student is expected to be mindful that any behavior that is distracting to the driver, disruptive to order on the bus, that violates the rights of the other passengers, or in any other way is inappropriate, will be cause for disciplinary action. Students and parents will be informed annually of the provisions of this policy and the procedures that will be utilized to enforce it.

    The superintendent, principals, and transportation supervisor will collaborate on the establishment and maintenance of a uniform system of disciplinary procedures to be enforced by the principals in cooperation with the bus drivers and the transportation supervisor. Those procedures will include loss of riding privileges for serious and/or repeat offenses. In such cases the parent or guardian of the child suspended from the bus will be responsible for transporting his/her child to and from school for the duration of the suspension.