Math:  We are currently working in Unit 1: Ratios, Rates, and Proportional Reasoning. This is an area of major focus in the sixth-grade Common Core Mathematics Curriculum. Students have been practicing Factor Puzzles, which serve to strengthen their skills in identifying common factors and multiples and, ultimately, in solving open proportions. They've also been using rate tables and graphs.


           ***The IXL Math computer program is an excellent resource for students to strengthen weak areas, as well as to challenge them in areas in which they do well! Additionally, students earn extra credit points on their report card grade when they accrue hours on IXL over the course of a marking period!  

    ****Please have your child practice on IXL Math at home whenever possible!****


    Current IXL Skills to practice:  

    Please have your child practice on skills relating to current topics. R Skills: Rates and Ratios


    Social Studies:  Students are currently learning about Prehistory and Early Humans.

    Students will be doing a creative "cave painting" activity in class this Friday, September 20. If at all possible, they were asked to bring in a paper grocery bag for the activity. A flashlight may be useful as well, though it is not mandatory. Students may want to wear a smock or clothing in which they would feel comfortable sitting on the floor.

    We are nearing the end of Chapter 1 in Social Studies. We are looking at a Chapter 1 Test roughly on Tuesday of next week. The students will get a Chapter Study Guide, and they should also be consistently studying their Foldable cards as well as their notes sheets.


Last Modified on September 18, 2019