• NYS Seal of Biliteracy

    The New York State Seal of Biliteracy Program was implemented at Lancaster during the 16-17 academic year just after the "Seal" was adopted by the NYS Board of Regents. Lancaster is truly proud to be able to bestow this great honor on deserving students at graduation.

    Why was the Seal of Biliteracy created?
    --to honor graduating seniors who have demonstrated high proficiency skills in both English and at least one other World Language

    What is Lancaster High School's vision for the Seal of Biliteracy?
    --It is Lancaster's intent to honor our students who have demonstrated high achievement in both English and another language and to encourage the development of literacy skills beyond their secondary education.

    What purpose does the NYSSB hold for high school students beyond its material recognitions?
    --to develop a lifelong appreciation for language learning and create college and career-ready students who will blend well with our globally-interdependent world
    --to provide our students with a comprehensive biliteracy progrram that will allow them to develop the necessary academic, cultural and social skills for becoming responsible and productive members of a global world
    --to honor those students who demonstrate high proficiency in multiple languages
    --to encourage students to become proficient in English and in a Language Other Than English (LOTE)
    --to assist college admissions' officers and/or human resource personnel in recognizing biliteracy skills in potential candidates
    --to emphasize the value of cultural and linguistic diversity
    --to provide contemporary skills with respect to communication, written and comprehension skills, cultural competency
    (view LeadWithLanguages/actfl.org)
    --to foster healthy relationships between people from different backgrounds

    What do seniors have to do to participate in the Seal of Biliteracy Program at LHS?
    --early in the fall, students will be notified by their ELA and LOTE teachers about the program; students will go on Google Classroom to find the applications, print the appropriate one, complete and submit by the due date; candidate applications are reviewed by LHS' Biliteracy Committee and students are selected to participate based on their readiness to fulfill remaining program requirements

    How do seniors complete the program in time for graduation?
    --selected candidates are paired with an advisor from the LHS Biliteracy Committee and meet approximately twice a month beginning as early as December to work on a culminating project; a panel of committee judges will evaluate the project presentations in May; students are formally recognized for their achievements at a special reception, at Senior Recognition Night and at graduation

Last Modified on November 3, 2021