• ImPact Test is a computerized exam utilized in many professional, collegiate and high school sports programs across the country to create a baseline for each individual athlete.  The computerized exam is given to all athletes before any practices or competitions begin.  If a concussion is suspected, the athlete will be given the "return to play protocol" including a post-injury ImPact Test.  the administration, coaching and athletic training staffs are striving to keep your child's health and safety at the forefront of the student athletic experience. This baseline ImPact test is good for two (2) years.
    ImPact Testing for Spring Sports will be on the following dates: 
    Tuesday, February 12              Baseball -- Varsity, JV & Freshman
    Wednesday, February 13          Lacrosse -- Varsity & JV -- Boys and Girls
    Thursday, February 14             Softball -- Varsity & JV 
                                                  Tennis --  Varsity & JV
    Tuesday, February 26              Outdoor Track -- Boys and Girls
Last Modified on January 10, 2019