• If you need to contact me... Call : 686-3255 ext 9741 E-Mail :cschunke@lancasterschools.org
    Teach : 9/10 Per 2, 3, and 8 / Google Classroom code: fcboneo
                LAP Per 5, 6, and 9 / Google Classroom code: cpfslda
    Planning : Per 4 and 7, Hall Duty Per 1
    Physical Education Information Class Rule/Information
    Daily Participation  - 4 pnt daily rubrics
    Units will updated in gradebook as they are completed.
    Shown units are the units being used for medical projects and quiz review for that quarter.
    Class make-ups
    Students are encouraged to make up missed classes ASAP. Anytime they are absent they need to make the class up as we are a participation based class.
    Class make-ups: Fitness Center - Tuesday & Thursday after school, Monday - Friday before school (need to be at school by 7)
    Swimming - see white board in pool for dates and time (swim classes must be made up in the pool)
          TBD when we have our Swim Unit. Dates and Times posted in the Pool.