• Directions for taking a full color portrait and making it into a grayscale portrait with 5 values or less.
    1) Make sure your original portrait is saved some place on your computer where you can find it. (If your picture is in an email download it onto your desktop, or an easy to locate folder).
    2) Open pixlr.com  (there is no "e")
    3) No need to log in, just scroll down to "pixlr editor."  Click "Launch web app."
    4)  When the Pixlr editor screen comes up click on "open image from computer"
    5) Your face should take up half of the height of the page; if it doesn't, use the crop tool to eliminate some background.  Double click when done.
    6) Click "adjustments" then click "desaturate"
    7) No matter your skin color you want some black and some white values on your face.  Go to "adjustment " then "brightness/contrast" play around until there is a decent amount of lighter areas. Jot down the brightness and contrast numbers in case it doesn't look right in the next step.
    8) Now click "posterize" Adjust the layers between 3 and 5. (If you are up to the challenge "5" will be more work and more detail)
    9) Save your image as a jpeg, then attach it in an email to me.
Last Modified on March 5, 2019