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    Course Outline: CDOS Business Math


    New York State Learning Standards for CDOS


    Standard 1: Students will develop an awareness of the world of work, explore career options, and relate personal skills, aptitudes, and abilities to future career decisions.

    Standard 2: Students will understand and demonstrate how academic content is applied In real-world and workplace settings.

    Standard 3: Universal Foundation Skills


    Course Description:  

    Business Mathematics is a two-semester course in which students learn to use mathematics effectively as a tool in their personal and business lives. After students have completed this course, they will be able to apply mathematical concepts in various personal and business situations. This class shows how math topics apply to real-life situations. In this class, the topics covered include percent, measurement, metric, fractions, unit conversions, checking accounts, bank fees, loans, taxes, work forms, problem-solving, consumer purchases, credit, probability, odds, commission's, work-related math skills, and more. Everything learned in this class will be put to good use immediately. This course may be used to meet the mathematics requirements for graduation.

    Content Outline:

    Unit-1 The Basics

    Unit-2 Banking

    Unit-3 Payroll

    Unit-4 Budgets

    Unit-5 Shopping

    Unit-6A Income Statements

    Unit-6B Balance

    Unit-7 Interest

    Unit-8 Loans

    Unit-9 Tax Returns  

    Methods of Assessment:

    1. Notebook  
    2. Tests
    3. Worksheets