• Cell Phone Policy: 3 Strikes...

     Students are permitted to possess and use cell phones during the school day. Classroom use is at the discretion of the teacher and should be used for instructional purposes only. Cell phone use must be appropriate at all times, adhering to the LCSD Code of Conduct and the LHS Student Planner. At no time will students seek to make video/audio recordings of classmates or teachers without their consent.
    Inappropriate use of cell phones (disruption to the educational process, instructor, or classmates) during class time will be subject to possible confiscation of the phone (to be returned to the parent) and/or assigned detention or suspension. I want to be very clear on this point...I do not want to see your phone during class. Ever. Unless....phones are specifically requested to be used during a lesson or there is a family emergency. These are the only exceptions. This includes a no-charging policy so please do not ask. Phones tend to be a major distraction for both students and educator. The goal of this policy is to eliminate this distraction and improve overall classroom focus to everyone's benefit. The policy consists of three strikes...
    1st Offense (Strike One)*: If the instructor sees a phone out during class it will be collected and returned at the end of the period.
    2nd Offense (Strike Two)*: If a phone needs to be collected a second time, the student must pick it up from the instructor at the end of the day (after 9th period). I will also call home to discuss the policy with your parent/guardian.
    3rd Offense (Strike Three)*: If a phone is collected a third time, students will text their parents to pick up the phone at the principal's office. Instructor will turn the phone in to an administrator before the day is over with a written referral.
    *** If at any point a student refuses to turn over a phone it will result in a same day referral. 
    I cannot stress enough that I have no interest in collecting anyone's phone, mine works just fine. The goal of this policy is to eliminate major classroom distraction/disruptions. Thank you in advance for adhering to this policy.
Last Modified on January 25, 2019