•  Classroom Management Plan


    "Know what is right...Do what is right"


    Classroom Rules:

      • Always try your best.
      • Use an appropriate voice volume.
      • Be respectful.
      • Be a good listener.


    Ticket to Fun Friday

    Students start the week with a “ticket” that is worth 6 points and kept in their take home folder. If they follow the rules and keep all 6 points throughout the week, they may participate in the full 25 minutes of Fun Friday along with other rewards, some of which are listed below:



    • Praise (daily)
    • Positive notes home (randomly)
    • Chance cards (5 points on a quiz, I forgot pass, homework pass, locker pass, sit in comfy chair, move clip up, candy)
    • Movie and snack parties (throughout the year)


    If You Choose To Break A Rule

    For each rule infraction, the student will lose a point.

          Examples of rule infractions are:  

    • forgetting homework
    • not being prepared with proper supplies
    • disruptive behavior
    • inappropriate language
    • bringing cell phone to class (must be turned off in locker only)
    • computer violation
    • bullying
    • destruction of classroom or school property


    Weekly Point Total



    Fun Friday and choose a chance card


    Fun Friday


    10 minutes out of Fun Friday


    20 minutes out of Fun Friday


    30 minutes out of Fun Friday


    Out of Fun Friday


    Out of Fun Friday and note home (to be signed by parent)


    Out of Fun Friday, lunch detention in classroom, and call home


    Out of Fun Friday, lunch detention, call home, classroom intervention plan for following week


    Out of Fun Friday,lunch detention,call home,administrative notification


    Class Dojo

    The other behavior system that will continue to be utilized in order to provide positive reinforcement and motivate our learners is Class Dojo! This year, Class Dojo will continue to be utilized to share out pictures of the fun things we are doing along with providing a quick way for communication (group/private messages, reminders, questions or updates). As for the points component, this year we will be using ClassDojo as an anonymous reinforcer. Throughout the day, the teachers will be rewarding exemplary behavior, but the students will not know who is receiving the points. At the end of the month, the students with the highest score will receive a trip to the prize box. Daily/weekly prizes may also be awarded.  We will not be recording dojos on a calendar or providing “red points”, unless the need arises for more serious behaviors. The students are very excited to get started with this next week!


Last Modified on September 23, 2018