• My classroom grading policy is broken into 4 categories. The categories are as follows

    Tests - 50%

    Tests will be given throughout the quarter in both Reading and Math. Students will be provided with advanced notice and a study guide to help prepare for the tests. 

    Quizzes - 20%

    Quizzes will be given from time to time as a quick check of stuent knowledge. Students will also be provided with advanced notice before a quiz is going to be given. 

    Classwork - 15%

    Students work so hard in class that I feel it is important for them to receive credit for that hardwork. Not all classwork assignments will be graded. 

    Homework - 15%

    Homework is assigned on a nightly basis. Please see my homework policy page or contact me with any further questions. 

    Thank you for your continued support in helping our students have a successful year! 

Last Modified on September 14, 2017