7 Common Factors To All Shooting Positions

  • (written for right-handed shooters)

    A stable shooting position is essential for good results in rifle shooting. There are seven factors common to all shooting positions that affect ability to hold the rifle steady, maintain sight alignment, and control the trigger.

    1. Left hand is under the handguard in a position that provides maximum bone support and stability for the weapon. Left arm and fingers of the left hand are as relaxed as possible.

    2. Rifle butt is high in the shoulder pocket so that the firing eye is looking straight through the center of the rear sight.

    3. Right hand firmly grips the pistol grip. Right wrist is as straight as possible. Trigger finger is on the trigger so pressure can be applied straight to the rear.

    4. Right elbow is positioned naturally to provide balance.

    5. Cheek is firmly against the stock.

    6. Breathing is interrupted during the firing process.

    7. Relaxation prevents undue muscle strain and reduces excessive movement.

    (written for right-handed shooters)

Last Modified on October 28, 2019