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                           Spelling Online!
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    Below are the links to practice your reading, writing, and spelling at home. These websites offer activities, games, and practice questions that will help you improve your reading fluency and comprehension, as well as your grammar and spelling, all while having fun and learning so many new things! :)
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        Click on this link to go to my Spelling City homepage, where you can view this week's spelling list, learn your words through the "Teach Me" Activity, and practice spelling your words with fun games!
         Click on this link to go to Read Live, where you can login with your password and practice reading short stories about various topics. You can complete a read-along to practice your reading fluency and then answer questions to practice your vocabulary and story comprehension. Save the "cold-timing" and "hot-timing" for school so that I can hear you read. For each full lesson that you complete and pass your reading goal, you will earn $50 of Classroom Cash!!
         Click on this link to go to StoryWorks, where you can view articles found in our monthly StoryWorks Magazine, watch cool videos that go along with these articles, and explore other interesting features of this awesome magazine! Re-read stories we have read in class or choose new stories to read and share with us during class!
         Click on this link to go to the Time 4 Kids website, where you can explore the articles that we are reading in class and view cool pictures that go along with these articles in their digital format! You can re-read articles we have read in class, or you can choose new articles to read and learn about new topics!
         Click on this link to go to BrainPop, where you can watch funny and educational videos about various topics in every subject you can think of- reading, writing, math, social studies, science and more! Take quizzes or complete fun activities after watching the videos.
         Click on this link to go to the ABCya website, where you can play fun word games that help you practice your spelling, grammar, and typing skills! 
Last Modified on March 22, 2018