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West Falls Conservation Society
West Falls Conservation Society Logo
  • West Falls Conservation Society was established in 1943 with this mission: “To create and foster a public sentiment in favor of conservation, sports and good fellowship.”

    The humble beginnings of WFCS began with a few gentlemen meeting in the back room of the Dog Bar, discussing the need for a shooting club and so, they decided to build one. They worked out all the details in that same back room, including the name “West Falls Conservation Society”. The club was meant to be run as a “business” but also understood the importance of maintaining the entity a conservation club, so they incorporated it.

    Shooting Sports


    WFCS has open trap every Wednesday, dependent on the weather, on two regulation fields. Sign up for members and non-members starts at 6 pm, under the lights with voice activated release for consistent pulls.


    Up above the tracks, is our 10 position, covered firing line with dirt berms at 12, 50 and 100 yards.


    Located inside the clubhouse is a 10 position, 30-yard archery range where J.O.A.D., LEO’S, Adult-Learn-To-Shoot and winter 3-D archery programs are held. These archery programs are open to the public for a small fee. Outside, there are 4 different archery ranges in addition to our 3-D archery shoots held “on the hill”.