• Foundations

    1/2 credit (Half year - all year long, but every other day)

    Goal of this class:

    This course is designed to provide a solid foundation of skills, strategies, and knowledge of available resources to take advantage of the many and varied opportunities at LHS, so each individual has the greatest chance to be successful both in and out of the classroom. Students will engage in experiential learning activities such as project-based learnng as well as more traditional methods such as journal reflections, presentations, and guest speakers with a focus on personal, social and academnic development along with career and life skills.

    Supply List:

    Pen/pencil, paper, folder, composition notebook and earbuds to fit in a chromebook


    This class is pass/fail - based on participation, attitude, attendance and assignments.

    Text Remind:

    In order to receive remind tests on your cell phone for homework assignments, tests or class information, please text the following for each class:

    Period 8 Odd days - text the phone number 81010 and in the text area enter @f4sp
    Period 8 Even days - text the phone number 81010 and in the text area enter @afdag8


    Google Classroom

    A great deal of information, assignments, articles, notes...etc will be distributed on the Google Classroom.  For each of my Marketing classes, you must sign up for the following Google Classrooms:

    Period 8 Odd days - wdywo7
    Period 8 Even days - irp24tiod 

    Attendance Policy:

    This course is a full-year, one credit course, and you must NOT be absent from class more than 14 days. You will NOT earn credit for this course if you have 15 absences.
    Each class will have a Google Classroom that they will be requested to join for any and all assignments