Although I will not do an official "binder check", students are
    still required to keep an organized binder. It is most important
    for 7th graders because they will need to keep their binders so they
    can refer to them in 8th grade. Therefore, as soon as we put
    something in the binder, I will post it on this site in the exact
    way it should be in their binder.
    NOTE: Many times, I feel that 7th graders have trouble in this
    course because they seem to loose their papers, study sheets, and
    homework. Many have trouble transitioning between elementary school
    life and their new role as middle school students.
    To help things along, I will stress that both parents and
    students look closely at this list as often as possisble. In my
    experience,the students who have poorly organized notebooks or who
    have all the sheets but don't bother to fill them in are the ones
    who usually do poor in the class.
    Although the student is the main one responsible for their
    academics, I feel that if I, along with the parents, help the
    students by using this site, it will greatly increase the students'
    chance of success in this course and ensure that they have a great
    NEVER throw out any pages from your binders.  You will need them to study for your Final Exams both this year and next year.  
    However, if your binder is getting too stuffed, I have a "Notebook Organization and Cleanout" section on Google Class.  It lists all the papers that 
    need to stay IN your binders all year.  The pages not listed can be taken out an put in a binder or folder at home for reference.  

    TAB/Chapter: REFERENCE

    REF 1: Why Study Spanish?

    REF 2:  Miss Pagano’s grading procedures

    REF 3: Spanish-speaking countries map/ continents (The World)

    REF 4: Los paises hispanos

    REF 5: Las Nacionalidades

    REF 6: El Alfabeto

    REF 7: Pronunciation Guide

    REF 8: Cognate Connection

    REF 9: El Mundo Hispano Packet

    REF 10: How do I...

    REF 11: Anita/ Carlos Dialogue

    REF 12: Welcome translation sheet

    REF 13: Una Conversacion

    REF 14: Vocabulario: Greetings, Health, & Good-byes

    REF 15: Anita/ Manuel Dialogue


    TAB/Chapter 0:  SMILE

    SMILE 1: Chapter 0- Vocabulario Preliminario vocabulary packet

    SMILE 2: Numbers 1-100, 1 thousand, and 1 million vocabulary list

    SMILE 3: Greetings/ Intros quiz

    SMILE 4: Fill in the missing numbers 1-20

    SMILE 5: Spanish Numbers (before and after)

    SMILE 6: Spanish Numbers Crossword

    SMILE 7: El Mini-Cuaderno de Ejercicios

    SMILE 8: Numbers families

    SMILE 9: Numbers 0-29 Quiz

    SMILE 10: Los Numerps Rap!

    SMILE 11: Numbers ws front and back

    SMILE 12: Y el numero es...packet

    SMILE 13: Days Questions

    SMILE 14: Numbers 30-101 Quiz

    SMILE 15: Los Colores song

    SMILE 16: Days of the Week song

    SMILE 17: Los dias clues worksheet

    SMILE 18: Chore time!

    SMILE 19: Los dias de la semana word unscramble

    SMILE 20: Los Meses Macarena

    SMILE 21: Days/months translation ws

    SMILE 22: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

    SMILE 23: Los meses del ano unscramble

    SMILE 24: Los dias y los meses word search

    SMILE 25: Los dias de la semana practica

    SMILE 26: Months

    SMILE 27: Useful Classroom Words and Phrases packet

    SMILE 28: Days/ Months Quiz

    SMILE 29: Cuadrado Magico- La sala de clase de espanol

    SMILE 30: En mi mochila roja! (song)

    SMILE 31: Los Objetos de la Clase

    SMILE 32: En la clase veo...       

    SMILE 33:  En mi mochila roja

    SMILE 34:  Los objetos de la clase (matching both sides)

    SMILE 35: Mi clase

    SMILE 36: Untitled backpack ws

    SMILE 37: La clase de Pepe

    SMILE 38: Weather Words (your vocabulary for this unit)

    SMILE 39: En que estacion (People Search)

    SMILE 40: Class Objects Quiz

    SMILE 41: las estaciones del ano y el tiempo word search

    SMILE 42:  Las estaciones y el tiempo +

    SMILE 43: Que tiempo hace?

    SMILE 44: Weather Questions (you must be able to ask and answer)

    SMILE 45: Las estaciones del ano

    SMILE 46: Las estaciones (The seasons)/ Que tiempo hace en las fotos?

    SMILE 47: El tiempo/ Las estaciones del ano

    SMILE 48: La temperatura C vs. F

    SMILE 49: El clima (Map of Spain)

    SMILE 50: Ciudades de espana

    SMILE 51: Preliminar G- El tiempo y las estaciones

    SMILE 52: Que tiempo hace? (check off the weather conditions)

    SMILE 53: Weather and Seasons Quiz


    TAB/ Chapter 1: QUESTION MARK

    QUESTION 1: Chapter 1 vocabulary

    QUESTION 2: Definite vs. InDefinite articles intro charts

    QUESTION 3:  Nouns and Definite Articles

    QUESTION 4:Definite Articles/ InDefinite Articles Categorizing

    QUESTION 5: Nouns and INdefinite Articles

    QUESTION 6: Exceptions to the Rules

    QUESTION 7: Busque a su alrededor (singular to plural practice)

    QUESTION 8: Singular to Plural (nouns/adjectives) 

    QUESTION 9: Indefinite/ Definite Articles singular to plural practice

    QUESTION 10: Indefinite vs. Definite Article Chant

    QUESTION 11: Los articulos definidos e indefinidos

    QUESTION 12: En la clase

    QUESTION 13: Ws- side 1 Definite Articles- m/f + translate

                                      side 2 INdefinite articles- m/f + translate

    QUESTION 14: Los objetos de la clase crossword

    QUESTION 15:  Nacionalidades chart

    QUESTION 16: Adjetivos de nacionalidad practice (people pictures)


    _______________Students only have up to here in their notes so far___________________



















     Como es? (What is he/she like?) Clues fill in the blank


    QUESTION 18: Los Adjetivos (chart)

    QUESTION 19: Como es? (What is he/she like?) Picture label

    QUESTION 20: Como es? (What is he/she like?) Picture label

    QUESTION 21: Quien soy? Activity

    QUESTION 22: Adjective Quiz Roll

    QUESTION 23: Los adjetivos y la concordancia


    QUESTION 26: Agreement of Adjectives

    QUESTION 27: Which adjective form would you use to describe the following people/ things?

    QUESTION 28: Practica con los adjetivos packet

    QUESTION 29: Adjective Agreement (Spanish and English)

    QUESTION 30: Find the Flaws!

    QUESTION 31: Definite vs. Indefinite Articles Quiz

    QUESTION 32: Adjective Review Sheet

    QUESTION 33: Partner 1/2 adjective review

    QUESTION 34: Who is each pronoun talking about?

    QUESTION 35: Pronoun song

    QUESTION 36: Capitulo 3 -Pronoun Practice

    QUESTION 37: Adjectives Quiz

    QUESTION 38: Tu vs. Ud.

    QUESTION 39: Smurfs Tu vs. Ud. vs. Uds.

    QUESTION 40: Pronoun categorizing activity

    QUESTION 41: Write the pronoun you would use to talk ABOUT...

    QUESTION 42: Pronoun Practice

    QUESTION 43: Los pronombres

    QUESTION 44: Los Pronombres/ pronouns

    QUESTION 45: The SER song!

    QUESTION 46: Ser "to be"

    QUESTION 47: Verb Conjugation/ English translation

    QUESTION 48: What form of Ser should I use?

    QUESTION 49: What form of Ser should I use in each sentence?

    QUESTION 50: Pronouns and Ser

    QUESTION 51: Fill in the blank with the correct form of the verb SER (15 questions)

    QUESTION 52: Ser and Pronounas Quiz

    QUESTION 53: Ser - creating sentences

    QUESTION 54: Practica de los adjetivos

    *Chapter 1 Practice Test

    *Chapter 1 Practice "Preguntas"


    TAB/ Chapter 3: BOOK

    BOOK 1: Chapter 3 vocabulary sheet

    BOOK 2: Verb charts for LLEGAR and CANTAR

    BOOK 3: -AR Verbs- Important terms you will need to know


    BOOK 5: Un Cuento en Spanglish

    BOOK 6: Verbs 3x 

    BOOK 7: Verb conjugation/ English translation

    BOOK 8: Las formas de los verbos en -ar (the definitions)

    BOOK 9: Fill in the sentence

    BOOK 10: Verbos regulares en -ar (the forms)

    BOOK 11: -Ar verb conjugation practice

    BOOK 12: -ar verb chart/ conjugations

    BOOK 13: How to express action; -ar verbs packet

    BOOK 14: los verbos -ar

    BOOK 15: -Ar verbs practice (Part A already written in)

    BOOK 16: -Ar verbs Quiz

    BOOK 17: A+ Verbs clues

    BOOK 18: En la escuela crossword



    BOOK 21:Las Preguntas packet

    BOOK 22: Los Verbos! (missing vowels)

    BOOK 23: Verbs draw picture and define (24)

    BOOK 24: Sentence matching

    BOOK 25: Ir/Dar/Estar phrases

    BOOK 26: Ir/Dar/Estar charts

    BOOK 27: Un dia en mi vida

    BOOK 28: En clase y despues

    BOOK 29: Cosas en la escuela wordsearch

    BOOK 30: Ir/Dar/Estar sentences

    BOOK 31: Que es en ingles?

    BOOK 32: A comprar!

    BOOK 33: Ir/Dar/Estar practice

    BOOK 34: Question Word Song!

    BOOK 35: School Questions


    SMILE 54: La hora (3 columns)

    SMILE 55: Time packet

    SMILE 56: Clock

    SMILE 57: Practicing times (looseleaf)

    SMILE 58: it is... :00-:30

    SMILE 59: La hora notes

    SMILE 60: Practicing Times :31-:59

    SMILE 61: it is...:31-:59

    SMILE 62: El horario de clases

    SMILE 63: When translating times from Spanish to English/ English to Spanish...

    SMILE 64: La hora ____:31-____:59 (English to Spanish then Spanish to English)

    SMILE 65: Time Quiz


    TAB/Chapter 2A:  STICK PERSON

    PERSON 1: La familia vocabulary

    PERSON 2: La familia (explanation of masculine plural)

    PERSON 3:La familia big wordsearch

    PERSON 4:La familia (Rosa y Alberto)

    PERSON 5:La Familia Worksheet

    PERSON 6:Personal family member names

    PERSON 7: Family (unscramble)








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