• Algebra B


    About the Class

    Welcome to Algebra B. This is a Regents level class. All students will be taking the Common Core Algebra 1 exam at the end of this school year. We will be covering all topics learned last year in Algebra A, as well as expanding on them and adding in new topics including:

    • Functions, Domain, Range
    • Graphing and Solving Exponential
    • Simplifying Radicals
    • Graphing and Solving Quadratic Functions
    • Graphing Absolute Value, Square Root, Piecewise, and Step Functions


    Google Classroom

    Please join my Google Classroom using code g0nej1 for

    • Copy of syllabus (includes expectations, class policies, and grade breakdown)
    • Copies of the completed and blank notes
    • Important links used in class
    • Class announcements/information