• Extra Credit

    Want some extra credit? Create a poster of a famous mathematician that can be hung up in the classroom. You can do a maximum of 1 poster per quarter (on different mathematicians).

    Your Poster Should Include:

    • 5 facts about his or her life
    • What he or she is known for
    • Why this person or their discovery is important
    • A picture of the person.

    Suggested Mathematicians:

    You can choose any mathematician you want but this list includes some of the most important ones. 

    • Archimedes
    • Aristotle
    • Carl Friedrich Gauss
    • Eratoshenes
    • Euclid
    • Georg Cantor
    • George Boole
    • Gottfried Leibniz
    • Isaac Newton
    • the Bernoulli's
    • Leonhard Euler
    • Pierre De Fermat
    • Pythagoras
    • Rene Descartes


    Helpful Links

    The following links may help you with your project: