• Work Study Program
    Mission Statement

    Work-Study Programs will support an educational environment that encourages life-long learning skills in the areas of functional academic knowledge, vocational aptitude, and social-emotional development.

    The primary focus of the Lancaster High School Work-Study program is to provide students with real-life work experiences in a variety of settings to foster the most appropriate level of independence as possible.
    Students have the opportunity to work in the High School, and we also have several partnerships with local businesses. Students have an opportunity to work at this business as part of the program.
    The program strives to develop student's employable skills. Students are provided job-coaching, portfolio development, and taught successful interviewing skills.
    In addition, students are provided a combination of real life math, reading, social skills, and life skills instruction to ensure that they will be become well-rounded, productive members of society.

Last Modified on November 5, 2019