• Physical Education Grading Policy


    Your grade is determined by:

    35% of your grade is behavior and effort

    35% of your grade is coming prepared with a change of clothes and sneakers

    30% of your grade is skills (physical skills testing and written assignnments)


    You can earn 8 points per class:

    4 points for behavior/ effort/ participation

    4 points for prepared with a change of clothes and sneakers


    Effort/Behavior Assessment:

    4- outstanding effort, positive attitiude, leadership, participation, following directions, and understanding safety rules

    3- good effort, positive attitude, participation, following directions, understanding safety rules

    2- little effort, behavior concerns, not following directions, safety concerns

    1- no effort, behavioral concerns, safety concerns, removal from any activity


    Skills Grading:

    4- Above Grade Level

    3 - At Grade Level

    2- Approaching Grade Level

    1- Needs Improvement


Last Modified on February 14, 2019