Compliance Timeline:

    All staff pages should be in compliance by March 1, 2019. The following timelines are a guideline to achieve this attainable goal.


    Now - December 2018

    • Ensure that all images have Alt Tags (think about the image and how you would describe it to someone who is visually impaired).
    • Check all links to make sure that they are working properly (edit or remove broken links).
    • Edit links using proper format. First create a hyperlink with a description of where it will take you, followed by the link text in parenthesis. Example: Details about creating accessible links (https://webaim.org/techniques/hypertext/link_text).
    • Inspect colors to make sure that you are using the approved compliant colors (see below).

    ADA Compliant Colors useable on your website (do not use the colors marked with a black X)

    January - February 2019:

    • Inspect and repair document structure (headings, lists, and other structural elements not only denote structure, but they also facilitate navigation). Website structure techniques (https://webaim.org/techniques/semanticstructure/)
    • Ensure accessibility of linked files (PDF's, PowerPoint Files, Google Files, etc.). Grackle, Grackle Docs, and built in program tools (Adobe and Microsoft files) can check for accessibility.
    • Use easy to understand language to avoid confusion (check your page with a screen reader to hear how it sounds to someone who relies on a screen reader).
Last Modified on January 11, 2019