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    About ELA 9:

    Students will study both classic and contemporary texts in ELA 9. Such works may include, but not be limited to: Homer's The Odyssey/Bernard Evslin's The Adventures of Ulysses, Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, and William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Students will analyze how authors structure text and how authors develop complex characters. There will be a strong emphasis on reading closely, annotating text, responding to text-dependent questions, and developing academic vocabulary in context.

    Students will also make and support evidence-based claims to hone critical reading, writing, and analytical skills emphasized in the Common Core. Students will employ research skills and the use of proper MLA citations to support evidence-based claims. Writing assignments are frequent and varied, relying on both original thought and textual analysis. Students will be expected to engage in class discussions and participate in group activities throughout the year.


    • Course Outline - Covers class expectations, the grading policy, supplies, etc.
    • Parent Portal - I update grades on the Parent Portal regularly.
    • STAR - The STAR reading test 
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