• Classroom Policies and Procedures



    The instructional day for William Street School students is 8:35 AM to 3:00 PM. As a learning community, we value the time with your child. Our teachers plan their instructional day to meet the educational goals of their students. Excessive tardiness / absences negatively impact your child’s educational success at William Street School.


    All homework is due the day after it is assigned, unless noted otherwise.  Nightly homework assignments can be found in two places: your child's agenda planner and on my website under the Nightly Homework tab. In the event your child forgets or doesn't complete an assignment they will be given a homework notice.  The notice will list the subject, assignment, and original due date.  A parent/guardian will need to sign the Homework Notice and make sure it is returned to school along with the missing assignment(s).


    Our lunch is scheduled for 12:24 pm.  We will be having a snack break each morning.  I ask that students bring in one snack that they can easily finish in less than 10 minutes.  We do have food allergies in the classroom, I ask that we are aware of this when planning snacks.  I also ask students to refrain from sharing snacks.

    Water Bottles

    Students are allowed to have a water bottle on their desks.  The students may only drink water from these bottles.  I reserve the right to limit the use of water bottles if they are misused.

    Birthday Parties

    If your child wishes to celebrate his/her birthday in school, they may bring in a treat to share with the class.  We will celebrate birthdays at the end of the day. Please refer to my earlier letter about allergies in regard to what treats are safe to bring.  Since we have allergies in the classroom, nut-free treats in wrapped packages (with ingredients) are preferred.

    Classroom Parties

    There will be several classroom parties this year.  These parties are open to any and all family members. It is a great time to come and interact with the students in out class.  Our kids grow up too fast to miss these precious moments!

Last Modified on April 10, 2019