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    Lancaster SciOly Team #6



    Science Olympiad Division B


    March  2021



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    General Rules

    All New York State Science Olympiad Rules take precedence; these can be found at http://www.newyorkscioly.org / .

    There are some general rules that apply to the building and chemical events where eye protection is required.  These are found on the national website at:


    Please monitor the rules clarifications often at https://www.soinc.org/official_rules_clarif.  For our competition any rules clarifications published on or before 2 weeks before the first scheduled Regional Tournament will be enforced. 

    The Lake Erie / Niagara Middle School Regional will be held here the Waterfront Elementary on March 2, 2019.  There is no snow date at this time

    Each competing student must wear a wrist band and have it tight enough that it cannot be slipped off the wrist.  Students wishing to compete in the trial events, but not on the official events, will wear a different color wrist band.  These wrist bands are common place at the High School level as well as the state and national levels. 

    There are 23 official scoring events this year, with up to 3 trial events that will not count toward the team overall score.  I hope to run at least one of these three trial events during the time when all official events have completed and the awards ceremony.  This time is normally used to correct all the exams and tally the scores.

    The trial events competitors can consist of participating team members, team alternates, or a combination thereof. 

    The list of events each team will be selecting must be submitted at the registration table on the morning of March 3, 2018.  But I would appreciate it if you would email me as soon as possible with the list of the events you are certain of competing in.  This will help the organization of the team scoring.

    For the impounded events, when the students enter the building, I recommend they go directly to the location of the event and submit their device.  The device will not be touched until they return to compete.  Before leaving this area, the student will sign up for a time to compete.  In the event of conflicts, we will make arrangements for the students to compete. But please be aware, any time taken to compete outside of the normal block will be taking away from the time our score keepers will need to tabulate the results. 

    There is no official lunch time for the students.  This has been removed in favor of reducing idle time.  The students will have to eat during their free time. The advisors have ordered a pizza in the past. Do we want pizza or something else?

    The events involving an exam will have their doors closed to avoid distraction from passing traffic in the halls.

    Please ensure that your students are wearing the proper goggles and aprons where necessary.

    I expect to hold three open events in the gymnasium with the Boomilever event in the Atrium. The events in the gym include Battery Buggy, Elastic Launched Glider and Roller Coaster.

    It is important to inform all your team members and friends/parents to enter the school at the main entrance (near the flag pole).  This will help in guiding all the teams to their “home base” (actually a table in the cafeteria), as well as guiding them toward the gym and other impound areas.  The doors near the cafeteria are off limits except for event officials.  They may be used at the end of the day’s events to exit.

    Science Olympiad is intended to be a challenge for the students, so during the open events there may not be any outside coaching from parents, friends, coaches etc.  The students are encouraged to work with their team member but once they cross into the competition arena they are on their own.

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