1.  Pen and/or pencil every day.

    2.  Notebook - to include

    • A complete Table of Contents.
    • All handouts, tests and project grade sheets.
    • All pages numbered in the upper right hand corner of each sheet.
    • All pages held in a tree ring notebook.
    • Notebooks will be turned in for grading at the 9th and 19th week.

    3.  Quizzes

    • Each semester there will be a number of quizzes typically given on Thursdays.
    • Quizzes will include topics covered in class, in the handouts, lab work and/or reading assignments.

    4.  Attendance

    • Attendance is taken every day.  Class cuts will not be tolerated.  Respective principals will be notified.
    • Class lates will be recorded and school policy will be enforced.
    • It is your responsibility as a student to make up all work within five class days of your absence.  If not, it will be recorded as a 0.
    • Attendance is essential because of the nature of the class.  Excessive absence will effect your grade! See attencance policy in your handbook.

    5.  Projects 

    • You will be graded on all projects.
    • Once due dates are established students will be penalized 1 point for each school date the project is late

    6.  Grading

    • 50% project average
    • 25% quiz average
    • 25% class participation
    • Final exam is a state proficiency exam.  You must take and pass this exam in order to receive credit for this course.
Last Modified on March 4, 2019