• Passbooks:  Passbooks signed by the teacher of the current period is required for entrance to the Health Office.  


    Cell Phones:  Due to confidentiality the use of cell phone is not permitted.  Students who fail to follow this policy will be subjected to disciplinary action.


    Physical Education Notes:  All notes to be excused from Physical Education are taken to the Health Office.  The Health Office maintains and communicates with the Physical Education Department regarding physician and parent notes that take students out of physical education class.  Physician orders are followed strictly (students may have a modified curriculum if the physician has taken the students out of PE class).  When a student brings in a physician's note, the physical education teacher receives a green form (phys ed. excuse) with the information from the Health Office.  When the physician's note is open ended (i.e., until further notice), the Health Office requires an updated note from the physician to follow within 4-6 weeks.  This is to assure that the physician is aware that the student remains out of physical education.  With the New York State requirement for 2 credits in PE to graduate, the importance of maintaining accurate medical physical education documentation is a necessity.


    Each student is also allowed 3 parent notes taking the student of physical education.  Any excuses after 3 require a physician's note.

Last Modified on March 25, 2019