• Miss Pagano’s
    Spanish A1
    Grading Procedures


    0= The assignment was due today. You did not do any of it. If it is
    an assignment that is handed in, you can make it up for partial credit.
    If we go over it in class, you should make it up so you learn the
    material, but you will NOT receive credit for any of its completion.
    If you fail to make up a test or a quiz by the end of the quarter, a 0
    will be averaged in to your quarter grade.

    3= The assignment was due today. You either “forgot there was a
    back”, you did not have enough answers complete to get full credit, or
    you did not follow the directions and missed the point of the

    5=The assignment was due today. You completed it correctly and on

    0.15=You were either absent the day the work was assigned or
    you were absent the day that I checked the homework. (I do a 0.15 so
    I can tell the difference between who was absent and who simply did
    not complete the assignment and received a 0.) Either way, you are
    responsible for getting it in to me. You CAN receive full credit for
    these assignments as long as they are turned in within a week of the
    original due date.

    If you have a 0.15 for a test or quiz grade, that means you were absent
    the day it was given and it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make it up.
    Failure to do so by the end of the quarter means that the 0.15 will be
    replaced by a 0, which will be averaged into your quarter grade.

Last Modified on March 14, 2019