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    Gr.3-Mrs. Rowekamp's Rockin' Third Grade Class

    Note to parents regarding homework:
    If your child has difficulty with a particular class homework assignment, please have him or her bring it to school the following day with "Attn: Mr. Edwards" written at the top. I will be happy to do what I can to help!

    a Note about iRead:
    Many of my students will soon begin working a new reading program called iRead, a new foundational software program that incorporates phonics, word recognition, spelling, and fluency in a motivating way. I have been extremely impressed with students I've observed using this program at another elementary school and am excited to implement it this year. The individual feedback it provides is really useful and I'm looking forward to being able to share some great results with parents!

    a Note about Read Naturally/Read Naturally Live:

    Many students will soon begin working in Read Naturally Live, a supplemental reading program that develops fluency and supports vocabulary and comprehension. This program is a fairly new and improved version of Read Naturally- which many of you are familiar with (some students even attended a Read Naturally program over the summer). Improving reading fluency is important for developing readers. Essentially it means reading smoothly and easily—as if they were speaking. Reading fluently supports good comprehension, because the less a reader gets hung up on sounding out words, the easier time he or she has of understanding what is read.

    Two days a week, students will select a nonfiction story from an assigned level. Part of the program involves reading along with an audio recording, as well as reading the passage aloud independently until the student reaches his or her goal. The student will then answer comprehension questions, and finally, will read the passage aloud to the teacher. The student will track his or her progress on graphs before and after practicing each story. As the student improves, he or she will be given more difficult stories to read and higher goal rates to achieve.

    Your child’s progress in Read Naturally Live makes up one part of his or her reading grade each marking period, and the results can easily be shared with you. If you ever have any questions (about Read Naturally Live or anything else!) please don’t hesitate to call or email.


    Phone: 716-686-3235

    Email: medwards@lancasterschools.org

Last Modified on March 22, 2019