When we lose someone or something we cherish, we will respond emotionally, psychologically,
    physically and spiritually. Any or all of these responses may be considered normal and healthy
    under the circumstances of grief in which we find ourselves.

    Emotional Responses
    *Guilt and Self-blame
    *Feelings of Loss/Loneliness

    Psychological Responses
    *Inability to Concentrate
    *Explosive Emotions
    *Low Self-Esteem

    Physical Responses
    *Tiredness/Lack of Energy
    *Difficulty Sleeping or Prolonged Periods of Sleep
    *Excessive Appetite or Lack of Appetite
    *Tightness in Chest
    *Shortness of Breath

    Spiritual Responses
    *Anger with God
    *Doubts about Belief System
    *Questions Regarding Meaning of Life
    *Interest in Afterlife

    General Responses
    *Lack of Interest
    *Prolonged Withdrawal
    *Inability to Experience Pleasure
    *Heart Problems
    *Stomach Pain
    *General Nervousness and Trembling
    *Lump in the Throat
    *Loss of Muscular Strength
    *Changed Priorities
    *Search for Meaning in the Event
    *Gratitude for Time Spent Together
    *Belief that Person is Happier, No Longer Suffering, in a Better Place, etc.

Last Modified on April 12, 2019