• About the Classroom



    In addition to a nightly 15 minute reading requirement, homework may be assigned Mondays through Thursdays.

    Occasionally a project or studying for a test may roll over the weekend.
    Your child WILL have homework, and he/she needs to review notes nightly. When it is assigned, students are required to write it in their own agendas.

    Homework is due the next school day unless otherwise specified. Students are given credit for completing assigned work. Work that is not competed will affect the final grade and will need to be made up at school or at home.

    **Please provide a quiet area for homework. Students should complete assignments on their own. You can help your child do homework by encouraging him/her to set aside a “quiet time” and provide a comfortable area.

    All celebrations (tests) are formally announced about one week in advance.


    Switching Classes for Science:

    Our class will go to Mrs. Truisi for science on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Please direct any science related questions to her email at JTruisi@lancasterschools.org



    1. Be Respectful – includes everyone and everything in our school
    2. Be Ready- Have all my materials ready to go for the day
    3. Be Responsible- Acts appropriately and takes ownership over mistakes

    If You Choose to Break a Rule

    First time- Warning

    Second time- Cash-in (classroom economy money)

    Third time- Loss of privilege (lunch/recess) & complete reflection sheet to be signed

    Fourth time- call/note home

    Further action beyond this may result in a discipline referral, parent conference, and administrative action.


    We have a classroom money system for behavior purposes and to motivate students to make good choices. Students can regularly use this money to purchase rewards and prizes, or choose to save up for a quarterly SWAP DAY!

  • Specials Schedule


    Monday- music and chorus

    Tuesday- PE and Art (writing 2nd semester)

    Wednesday- art/writing (band 2nd semester)

    Thursday- PE and Art/writing

    Friday- PE


    Lunch is everyday from 11:07-11:40