• WORKING PAPERS are processed in the Lancaster High School Nurse's Office during school hours. 


    Applications can be picked up at Lancaster High School, St. Mary's High School or various private schools in the area. You can also download the application.  The link is provided below.  You do not need to have a job in order to obtain working papers.  Working cards are issued only at Lancaster High School in the Nurse's Office.  Expect at least a 24 hour turn around. 


    NO WORKING CARDS are issued during the CHRISTMAS, WINTER or EASTER Recesses. 

    Please refer all questions regarding working papers to Mrs. Scarpello (686-3343).

    Types of working permits:

    Ages 14/15 -- part time (blue card)

    Ages 16/17 -- part time (green card)

    Ages 16/17 -- full time (salmon card) no longer in school

    Ages 11-18 -- Newspaper permit

    Ages 12/13 -- Farm permit

    Ages 14/15 -- Farm Permit


    The following three items are needed in order to process the working paper application.  The only exception is for Newspaper Permit and Farm Permit where an applicant may replace the physical with a current report card stating that he/she is taking physical education and has a passing grade. 


    1.  Application for Employment Certificate. 


             Fill out Part I of the application.


                ** Make sure parent/guardian signs this application 


    http://www.p12.nysed.gov/sss/documents/AT176-19.pdf (working paper application)


    http://www.p12.nysed.gov/sss/documents/AT-22-updated6-19.pdf (newspaper permit application)


    2.  PROOF OF AGE - Provide one of the following for proof of age. 


            Birth Certificate        U.S. Passport        Baptismal Certificate        Driver's License/Permit


           *** A certificate issued by the hospital will not be accepted. ***

    3.  Health Appraisal Form or Physical Fitness Certificate 
            Health Appraisal Form - The applicant must have a doctor's exam (physical) within the last 12 months. 
                  It must be checked on the physical form that the person is qualified to work. 
                  If it does not specify this, the physical will not be accepted. 
                  A "Summary of Visit" is NOT a physical and is not accepted. 

          Physical Fitness Certificate - The doctor can complete the "Physical Fitness Certification"                                    (a link to this form is below).  

                  Physical Fitness Certification                                                                                             
    ** Applicants must pick up his/her working card.  ** 
Last Modified on September 23, 2019