Mrs. Kauderer's English Language Arts

Mrs. Kauderer reading on a mushroom
  • Academic Achievement:

    4 - Student exceeds grade level standards for this marking period.

    3 - Student shows proficiency in grade level standards for this marking period.

    2 - Student is approaching grade level standards for this marking period.

    1 - Student is performing below grade level standards for this marking period.


    Skill Performance:

    Secure - the student consistently demonstrates an understanding of the skill and can apply with minimal guidance.

    Developing - the student is working towards proficiency of the skill but requires support.

  • Read          Write          Think          Speak         Listen          Explore          Discover

    2nd graders will develop word reading skills and reading comprehension strategies in order to read appropriately complex literary and informational text.



    Key Ideas and Supporting Details in a Text

    Text Craft and Structure 

    Integration of Knowledge thruough Story Elements, Author's Point of View and Text Connections

    Know and apply phonics and word analysis in decoding words.

    Read grade-level text with sufficient accuracy and fluency to support comprehension

    Knowledge of language, Grammar and Vocabulary



    Opinion, Informative/Explanatory, Narratives, Written Response and Research


    Speaking and Listening:

    Collaborative Conversations with peers

    Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas




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