**  You do not need to have a job 

    in order to obtain working papers.  ** 



    **  No working cards are issued during the

    Christmas, Winter or Easter recesses.  **





    **  Working papers are processed in the Lancaster High School Health Office during school hours.  ** 


    **  If all the proper documentation is provided, working permits generally take 24 hours to process.  **  



    **  Processed working permits are to be picked up in the LHS Health Office during school hours.  **

         **  Minors who do not attend Lancaster High School should make arrangements for pick-up. Call 686-3343.  **



    Types of working permits:

      Ages 14/15 -- part time (blue card)

      Ages 16/17 -- part time (green card)

      Ages 11-18 -- Newspaper Permit

      Ages 12/13 -- Farm Permit

      Ages 14/15 -- Farm permit




    Working Paper Application Instructions


    STEP 1 (Application)

    Applications can be picked up in the Lancaster High School Health or Main Offices, Lancaster Middle School, St. Mary's High School or various private schools in the area. 

    Or, use one of the following links to access the proper working paper application: 


      General Employment




    Complete Part I of the form - Make sure a parent/guardian signs the application.


    STEP 2 (Documentation)

    In order to process the application, the following documents must be provided:    

    • Proof of the Applicant's Age

                  Please provide a copy of one of the following:  

                       Birth Certificate - ** A certificate issued by the hospital will not be accepted. **

                       Drivers License/Permit 

                       U.S. Passport

                       Baptism Certificate       

    • a current physical (Required NYS School Health Examination form) - must be dated within the last 12 months from the date the application is processed.

                  It must be checked on the physical form that the person is qualified to work. 

                  If it does not specify this, the physical will not be accepted. 

                  A "Summary of Visit" is not a physical and will not be accepted. 

                       --->In lieu of the physical, you can submit the Physical Fitness Certification Form

                             (completed by the applicant's physician):



    STEP 3 (Send for Processing)

    Send the application and accompanying documentation to the Health Office --


    • drop it off to the LHS Health Office during school hours 


    • by way of the locked drop box located to the right of the Main Entrance Doors of the High School.


    • via the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) at:  

                     Lancaster High School

                     Attn: Paula Scarpello / Health Office

                     1 Forton Drive

                     Lancaster, New York 14086



    • by fax:  686-3268.  The fax machine is located in the Health Office so anything faxed to this number remains completely confidential.


    ** Do not send any sensitive information (birth certificates) via email **


    ** Do not send a passport or an original birth certificate via USPS **





    •  Contact Mrs. Scarpello:  pscarpello@lancasterschools.org
    •                                     686-3343
Last Modified on September 8, 2021