• Registration process for students new to LHS

    1. Call the Lancaster Central School District Registrar, (716) 686-3218, to make an appointment to register with the district and request a packet of registration materials.

    2. Call Mrs. Nancy Rinow in the Lancaster High School Counseling Center, (716) 686-3259, to make an appointment to meet with your school counselor to make your course schedule and get an orientation to the building.

    3. Arrange to have your transcript, most recent report card and health records sent to LHS from your former school, either by mail or have them faxed. Our address is: Lancaster High School Counseling Center, 1 Forton Drive, Lancaster, NY 14086. The Counseling Center fax number is (716) 686-3397.

    4. Complete and bring the following documentation to your registration appointment: · Completed Student Information form, Health Questionnaire, and paperwork from the registration packet · Original birth certificate or passport · Social Security card · Immunization record · Guardianship papers (in a situation of divorce or separation) · Two proofs of residency (acceptable proofs include utility bill, mortgage statement, rent receipt, contract to build a new home, deed, payroll stub, or a sworn notarized statement from property owner) · Health records from your former school

    5. Before your appointment with your school counselor, review the Course Description Guide and check to see how the courses you have taken fulfill our graduation requirements. Make a list of courses you might like to take at LHS.

    6. At your appointment with your school counselor, you will need to provide a copy of your most recent grade report/report card and student transcript, and copies of your New York State ELA 8 and Math 8 Assessment scores (if applicable). You will meet with your school counselor to select courses and create a schedule.

    7. After your appointment with your school counselor, you may wish to meet with our school nurse, Mrs. Liz Ceppaglia (686-3266), if you have any medical needs or if you’d like to play a sport at LHS.



    How do I find out what bus I ride?   Once you have been officially registered, someone from our Transportation Department will contact you with information about your bus number, pick-up times, etc.

    How can I find out the student rules, dress code, etc.?   When you come to school on your first day at LHS, you will be required to purchase a planner. Besides being a great assignment notebook and academic resource, the planner is our student hand book. In the beginning pages, all student rules and regulations are listed, as well as helpful information about our building… and a MAP! Do not lose your planner! The back of your planner contains pages of hall passes — the only way you can be excused from class is to have a completed pass.

    LHS is HUGE! How will I find my way around?   If you register during the summer, you will be invited to a special Transfer Student Orientation, which will give you a complete overview of LHS. This program is scheduled during the last week of August. You will need to purchase a lock and a student planner at that time — the total cost is about $12. If you register during the school year, come directly up to the Counseling Center on your first day. Before first period, your counselor will meet with you to give you your schedule and introduce you to a student who will give you a tour of the building and help you find a locker. The student will show you where all your classrooms are, fill you in on the “secrets” of the building, and answer all your questions. Then during your lunch period, a different student will pick you up in the Counseling Center and invite you to lunch, show you the cafeteria, and introduce you to people.

    I’d like to play a sport.  How can I join a team?      Call the Athletic Department at 686-3271. The secretary will put you in touch with the coach of the sport you’re interested in playing. She will also give you information about getting a physical exam, which is required before you start practicing.

    How can I get involved in a club?    When you meet with your counselor, she will provide you with a listing of all the clubs and organizations at LHS — we have over 40 of them! Once you figure out what you’d like to do, let your counselor know and she can hook you up with the advisor of that group.




Last Modified on March 26, 2019