• 8th Grade Math - Policies and Procedures

    *Grading Policies:
    Averages are broken up into 3 categories
    75% Classroom Assessments (quizzes and tests)
    15% Homework
    10% Participation (POD's, preparedness, extra practice assignments, projects)

    1 ½” binder with 5 tabs labeled: P.O.D., notes, homework, tests, other
    Red pen
    Scientific Calculator (TI-34 Multiview or last year's model TI-30XIIS)

    Expectation #1: Be Ready
    Come to class with your agenda, binder, homework, pencil, red pen, paper, and calculator
    Expectation #2: Be Respectful
    Only one person is permitted to speak at a time
    Always give your full attention to the person speaking
    Stay in your seat unless a teacher gives you permission
    Be positive and cooperative in school and life
    Be polite to adults and peers
    Expectation #3: Be Responsible
    Follow the student code of conduct at all times
    Keep your hands and feet to yourself at all times
    Expectation #5: Be There
    Be on time and in your seat when the bell rings
    Follow the beginning of class procedures

    Verbal praise
    Written praise
    Happy call home
    Pride in a job well done
    Raffle tickets
    Seat card
    Homework coupon

    Verbal warning
    Phone call home
    In-school/ lunch/ after-school detention
    Referral to principal
    Improvement plan


    *Beginning of Class:
    Check the table for handouts
    Go directly to your seat
    Take out your binder, calculator, and a pencil (put all other materials under your desk)
    Do the P.O.D. (Problem Of the Day)

    *Movement in the classroom:
    No student is permitted to leave his/her seat without permission
    Students will raise one finger for permission to sharpen their pencil
    Students will raise two fingers for permission to go to the bathroom (only during student-centered time)
    Students will raise three fingers for permission to move within the classroom (i.e. get a tissue or get materials)

    Students will not be allowed to go to their lockers during class time

    Students are responsible for making up all missed work.
    Students should check their mailbox for a “While You Were Out…” form detailing missed class work and homework assignments.
    Students have two days for each day they are absent to make up work.

    Homework is worth 15% of the course grade and should be taken seriously
    Homework will be assigned daily and checked the following day in class
    Homework assignments are worth 10 points each and will be graded based on effort
    Turning in a homework late will result in a 50% grade reduction on that assignment
    Failure to complete a homework (by the Wednesday detention day) will result in after school and/or lunch detention

    *Homework Detention:
    If a student does not turn in their homework, they will be asked to fill out a "no homework" slip detailing what the assignment was and why they did not complete it.
    The slip will be place on the homework detention bulletin board until the student completes the assignment.
    Students should check the bulletin board regularly to see if they owe any assignments.
    Students have until Wednesday at 2:30 pm to turn in any late homework assignment(s).
    If the student does not turn in all late assignment(s) by 2:30 pm on Wednesday, they will have to serve a detention after school on that Wednesday in order to complete the assignment(s).
    If the student skips the required homework detention, we will contact home (e-mail or phone) and the student will be issued a school referral and/or a lunch detention.

Last Modified on August 13, 2020