• What is Manufacturing Technology?
              Manufacturing is the use of technology to make things people want and need. Can you imagine your life without manufacturing? You would have no bicycle to ride, no television to watch, and no sneakers to wear. There would be no clothing, no furniture, and no automobiles. Lifesaving devices such as artificial hearts could not even be imagined. Manufacturing creates tools that make tasks easier, industrial materials that are stronger than natural materials, and devices that enable us to send messages around the world and into space.
              Manufacturing has been around since the beginning of mankind. If something has been put together, it was done by some sort of manufacturing Process. Early on, most manufacturing was done using the craft approach. This means one item was made, at a time, from start to finish. In the early twentieth century, Henry Ford used a new approach to manufacture automobiles in a very short amount of time. He set up one of the very first assembly lines, which was the beginning of mass production, the process used for almost all products seen today.
              What is most different in manufacturing today is not as much how products are being made, but who - or - what is assembling them. A century ago, people worked on assembly lines. Today, more and more of the manufacturing process has been taken over by robots. Have people been replaced? No, but the work they do has changed. Instead of primarily using tools and manual labor people now also program the computers, service the machinery, and manage the entire manufacturing system.
Last Modified on September 6, 2015