• Homework/ Practice Work & Extra Credit


    Homework is intended to be practice of concepts taught in class and should be completed by the student 
    independently.  The student 
    should always put forth his or her best effort with each assignment. Questions about assignments are always encouraged the following day, as the whole class will benefit from them.  Remember we do not expect students to perfect every assignment, but do hope that they are trying their best!
    Please know that it is the responsibility of each student to remember to complete and return assignments. Students are responsible for writing down assignments daily in their agenda planners. If your child has struggled to complete and hand in homework assignments in the past, please sign his/her agenda planner and daily after he/she has shown you the completed assignments. Students are periodically rewarded for handing in assignments in on time!

     Regular Weekly Practice Work:

    Students are given plenty of time during the school day to complete Science & SS practice work. Your child may need to catch up at home if he/ she falls behind. Your child will also be expected to study prior to taking a final test.



    • Math: Homework & Remembering page (HWR)
    • Reading:  Read for 30 minutes.



    • Math: HWR page
    • Reading:  Read for 30 minutes.



    • Math: HWR page
    • Reading:  Read for 30 minutes



    • Math:  HWR page or THQ (take home quizzes will be graded)
    • Reading:  Read for 30 minutes.  



    I do not assign weekend homework.  Your child may have homework if the assignment was not completed when it was due. Always encourage your child to read over the weekend if time permits. 

    Extra Credit Opportunities:  

    Complete a Math "Remembering" page before it's due for 1-3 bonus points; Watch and complete a BrainPop video quiz in Science, Math or ELA that matches with what we are studying in class. Print or email your results to Mrs. Dickson to earn 1-5 bonus points; After reading a novel of your choice during your own time, fill out a book review (Reading Rewards) for 1-5 bonus points! All bonus points are dependent on work quality and accuracy! Bonus points are added to your lowest quiz or classwork scores at the end of each marking period! 
Last Modified on August 14, 2017