• Student Expectations

    Students are expected to conduct themselves safely during all activities.
    Students are expected to bring a pencil to class daily.
    Students are expected to be mentally and physically ready for activities and lessons.
    Students are expected to hand assignments and projects in on time.
    Students are expected understand consequences for not following rules.

    Classroom and Workshop Rules:
    Safety is the Students responsibility.
    Remember if you are being safe then you are keeping others safe too!
    No running, fighting, or horseplay is allowed at any time.
    Safety goggles or glasses will be used at all time in the designated area.
    All jewelry and watches must be removed upon entering the work area.
    Hair MUST be tied back as well as long sleeves and hoodie strings.
    Only one person at a time per machine.
    Students must stand away from the machine operator and not be a distraction.
    The machine must be turned off and stopped before removing any materials or making any adjustments.
    Caution must be used when moving materials around the room. Sharp edges should always be down.
    Each student is responsible for cleaning up his/her work station including: tools, scraps, dust, and garbage. 
    All accident (tool or personal) must be reported to the teacher immediately.
    An instructor must be present in the room at all times while students are working.
    Students WILL take responsibilities for their actions.
    Breaking any rule can result in loss of privileges indefinitely.

    Most importantly:
    Use Common sense and treat each other with respect!

Last Modified on April 10, 2019