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    Monday, 03/25/19
    MATH HW 5-14 Remembering 5-14
    RLA Spelling test on Friday el en er

    Tuesday, 03/26/19
    MATH HW 5-15 and Remembering 5-15

    Wednesday, 03/27/19

    Thursday, 03/28/19

    IXL is accessible from home.


    The links to IXL and Stretch to Go are also on my home page.

    You should be practicing the IXL skills that go along with the unit we are on in math. The exception would be those in accelerated math may practice the accelerated math skills in addition to the current unit skills. A list of current unit skills can be found below. No one should be on pre-K to 3rd grade skills

    Unit 5 6th Grade IXL Skills verified 02/11/2019

    Unit 5 IXL
    Area of complex figures FF.14 Third grade

    Area between 2 rectangles FF.15 Third grade

    Perform multiple operations with whole numbers F.10 — "Fourth grade

    Area of complex figures (all right angles) BB.7 Fourth grade

    Area between 2 rectangles BB.8 Fourth grade

    Understanding exponents E.1 Fifth grade

    Evaluate exponents E.2 Fifth grade

    Write numerical expressions O.3 Fifth grade

    Write variable expressions V.1 Fifth grade

    Write variable expressions word problems V.2 Fifth grade

    Evaluate variable expressions V.3 Fifth grade

    Write multiplication expressions using exponents D.1 Sixth grade

    Evaluate exponents D.2 Sixth grade

    Identify terms and coefficients Y.6 Sixth grade

    Write variable expressions Y.1 Sixth grade

    Write variable expressions word problems Y.2 Sixth grade

    Evaluate variable expressions with whole numbers Y.3 Sixth grade

    Evaluate multi-variable expressionsY.4 Sixth grade

    Properties of addition Y.8 6th

    Proprties of multiplication Y.9 6th

    Multiply using distributive property Y.10 6th

    Identify equivalent expressions Y.15 6th

    Solutions to inequalities AA.1 6th

    Graph inequalities on number lines AA.2 6th

    Write inequalities from number lines AA.3 6th

    Solve one step inequalities AA.4 6th

    Graph solutions to one step inequalities AA.5 6th

    Model and solve equations using algebra tiles Z.4 Sixth grade

    Solve one step equations with whole numbers Z.6 Sixth grade

    Write and solve equations that represent diagrams Z.5 Sixth grade

    New York State online test practice

    Mr. Bajak’s Grading Policy updated 9/10/18

    There will be at least 2 quizzes and 1 unit test (CFA) per unit.
    Each quiz counts once towards your average.
    Each unit test (CFA) counts once towards your average.
    Homework is checked daily and a homework grade will be calculated based on the number of completed assignments per quarter. If you always do your homework you will receive a 100 homework grade. If you miss a homework assignment, you will lose 5 points for each missed assignment.
    All students are required to complete a minimum of 30 minutes per week on IXL math. An IXL math grade will be given per marking period based on number of completed minutes per selected weeks. Students should be on the assigned lessons for the current unit. Each student will have 2, 3, or 4 fifty–minute BOCH periods in their homeroom per week to complete IXL assignments depending on your band and chorus membership. A list of BOCH available days for each student will be posted in each homeroom. Students who see Mrs. Frey during BOCH will have access during BOCH in Mrs. Frey’s room. IXL may also be accessed from home. You can access IXL from Monday through Sunday for each week.
    Students who miss 3 homework assignments in a marking period will receive a note to be signed by a parent and returned.
    Quiz corrections may be done to improve your grade. The corrections must be done on a separate sheet of paper, attached to your quiz, and handed in the following day. You must show your work with the correct answer if possible or explain what your error was. You can receive ½ of your missed points with corrections. No corrections are offered on unit tests (CFAs).
    Grades will be posted on Parent Portal.

    Mr. Bajak’s RLA
    RLA grades will be the average of your spelling tests, grammar tests, Close Read activities, module quizzes and activities, writing assignments, Interactive Reader quizzes and activities, Time for Kids quizzes and activities, Scholastic News quizzes and activities, and reading quizzes. Grades will be posted on Parent Portal.

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