• Essay Writing
    Note: Writing an essay requires writing paragraphs. A good paragraph includes one main idea, and details that support the main idea. In order to have more paragraphs, you need more ideas.

    Writing an essay sounds difficult, but broken into steps, the process is not difficult.

    The first step is to know your topic. Please read the topic carefully, and remember you need to understand the words within the topic. Use this topic to frame your essay. Stay on the topic, keep referring back to the topic.
    Second, you need the knowledge and research on which to write. The information is also important.

    Once you have the knowledge and information, the rest is a matter of organization.

    Organizational parts of an essay
    Introduction - 

    Grabber beginning

    Subtopic statements

    Thesis statement


    Body -

    First Subtopic Paragraph

    Second Subtopic Paragraph

    Third Subtopic Paragraph


    Conclusion - 

    Summarize thesis statement and main ideas. Go for specific examples, where your introduction was more general.

    Leave reader with a thought.

    Summary of Essay Parts

    An introduction may start with a grabber beginning, may list your subtopics, and ends with the thesis statement. Remember? The topic should be the focus.

    The body of your essay includes separate paragraphs for each subtopic. Each subtopic paragraph should have supporting details.

    1) The subtopic of your introduction is the topic sentence of the paragraph. Often the main idea

    2) Follow the topic sentence with as many supporting sentences giving details, explanations, or evidence to prove that subtopic.

    The conclusion of your essay summarizes or restates your thesis statement and main ideas. It should also leave your reader thinking about your ideas.
    Can I use a computer for my final copy? Of course! But remember all thoughts must be your own, no cut and paste from other websites. It is your essay. You may not claim others' work as your own.
    Also remember to spell check. And then use common sense.
    I found a lovely poem here:http://wneo.org/practicum/SpellingChecker.htm

    Owed To The Spell Checker
    - Author Unknown


    Eye halve a spelling checker
    It came with my pea sea
    It plainly marcs four my revue 
    Miss steaks eye kin knot sea.

    Eye strike a key and type a word
    And weight four it two say
    Weather eye am wrong oar write
    It shows me strait a weigh.

    As soon as a mist ache is maid
    It nose bee fore two long
    And eye can put the error rite
    It's rare lea ever wrong.

    Eye have run this poem threw it 
    Eye am shore your pleased two no
    Its letter-perfect awl the weigh 
    My checker tolled me sew.

Last Modified on May 15, 2019