• How do Hindus live in
    their daily lives?
    In groups of four you will be reading a story from the Hindu faith.  You will then decipher its lesson and report back to the group as to the moral of your story and how it relates to the Hindu people.  
    Step One: Open the evaluation page file and reread the text boxes as a group.  Read carefully as each group will have different questions that relate to their lesson.   Make sure everyone understands what information you will need to know when you are done reading your story.  Example Evaluation Page
    Step Two: (make sure your computer is on mute) Click on the title of your story and read the story as a group.   The Tortoise and the Hare
    Step Three:  Discuss the summary of the story and the lesson that is taught by the characters and their life experiences.
    Step Four: Save and complete the evaluation page by typing directly on the word document on the computer. 
    Step Five: Save and print the evaluation page to be checked by Mrs. Pershyn.
    Questions to Ponder: 
    Notice any similarities about most of the stories above? 
    Why do you think so many Hindu stories share the same type of main character?
Last Modified on February 8, 2019