• Introduction to Health Careers
    From the Course Description Guide:
    Intro to Health Careers Grade 10    1 credit 4574

    Prerequisites: Regents exam credit for Physical Setting – Earth Science. Acceptance to Health Careers Academy.


    This course is designed to be the entry course for the Healthcare Academy. It is recommended that students wishing to be enrolled in the Academy take this course. The course will explore the opportunities that are available in the Health Care Field. Careers which work to support the doctor, the patient, and the health care facility will be discussed. Practicing health care professionals will discuss their field and share their experiences with the class. A section of course study will provide students the opportunity to obtain training in First Aid and in CPR. Other topics of study will include The History of Health Care, Current Trends in Health Care, Ethical and Legal Issues, The Language of Health Care, Vital Signs, Infection Control and Documentation.  The course will meet for one period every day. The final assessment of the course is written by the local instructor.
Last Modified on January 31, 2020