• Great Titles on a Third Grade Reading Level*

    (*Denoted on WSS LMC books by a red dot at top of spine)

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    Abbott, Tony – Secrets of Droon (fantasy)


    Adler, David- Cam Jansen (mysteries)


    Bascherus, J. – Klooz (mysteries)


    Bates, Michelle- Sandy Lane Stables books (horses)


    Bently, Sue- Magic Kitten books (cats)


    Blackaby, Susan and others- Historical tales


    Brisson, Pat- Hot Fudge Hero, and others


    Brown, Felicity- Bella Sara (horses)


    Bulla, Clyde- Eagle Feather


    Conford, Ellen – Jenny Archer books


    Dadey, Debbie- Bailey School Kids books


    Danziger, Paula- Amber Brown books


    DeCamp, Alex – Agent Boo books (science fiction)


    Delton, Judy- Pee Wee Scouts


    DiCamillo, Kate Mercy Watson books


    Disney (various authors)- Fairies series


    Duey, Kathleen- Unicorn’s Secret books (fantasy)


    Gelsey, James – Scooby Doo (mysteries)


    Giff, Patricia Reilly- Kids of Polk Street School


    Great Illustrated Classics- assorted titles


    Gutman, Dan- My Weird School Daze books


    Keene, Carolyn- Nancy Drew notebooks


    Krensky, Steven- Arthur chapter books


    Lanier, Bob- Hey, L’il D! (sports)


    Levy, Elizabeth- The Principal’s on the Roof (ready for chapters books)


    MacLachlan, Patricia – Sarah, Plain and Tall series


    Mazer, Anne Sister Magic series


    Meadows, Daisy- Rainbow Magic books


    McMullan, Kate- Dragon Slayer’s Academy


    Mullin, Penn- U.S. Regions mysteries


    Odgers, Darrel & Sally- Jack Russell, Dog Detective


    Osborne, Mary Pope- Magic Tree House series (fantasy)


    Parish, Peggy- Amelia Bedelia books


    Park, Barbara – Junie B. Jones books


    Peterson, John- The Littles books (fantasy)


    Preller, James- Jigsaw Jones mysteries


    Purkiss, S. – Ghost series


    Ransom, Candace- Time Spies (fantasy)


    Roy, Ron- A to Z mysteries


    Rylant, Cynthia- Cobble Street Cousins books, Henry & Mudge-2,,Mr. Putter & Tabby-2 


    Sachar, Louis- Marvin Redpost books


    Sharmat, Marjorie - Nate the Great books (gr. 2)


    Stilton, Geronimo- Geronimo Stilton books


    Thaler, Mike – Black Lagoon books


    Van Leeuwen, Jean– Hannah Pioneer Daughters books  

Last Modified on October 5, 2015