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    Lancaster Legends Ski and Board Club

    Welcome to the Lancaster Downhill Ski & Snowboard Club. Back by popular demand we will certainly be participating in the ski program in Ellicottville this year on the slopes of the Holiday Valley Ski Resort.
    It is sure to be a great year once again for our club so let's talk it up and get some more people involved.

    IMPORTANT DATES for 2020-21

    Bus Sign-Ups (Juniors & Seniors) Tuesday, October 6th 2:15 room 166
    Bus Sign-Ups (Freshmen & Sophomores) Wednesday, October 7th 2:15 room 166

    Meeting : Wednesday, September 30th Google Meet through the Google Classroom

    This year, we are starting with a public service announcement.
    ANYONE can purchase all of your Ultimate Pass needs for Holiday Valley through the online purchase portal for the High School Downhill Ski and Snoiwboard Club.
    General Savings is $10 from the over the counter or online purchasing with Holiday Valley.
    Friends, family, classmates.......anyone! Prices are good until November 1st and you can sign up now!
    Sign-ups can be access from the "Club Forms" page on the left. Click on the Holiday Valley Logo.
    And please don't forget that a student season pass can be purchased for $430 (Full) or $310 (Night), for any students that are currently attending high school or middle school. COmpare that to the current rate of $679 for a 25 and under pass through Holiday Valley.
    Some other rate examples:
    Ultimate White Pass- Club/$254 HV/$264
    Ultimate Flex Pass- Club/$187 HV/$197
    Ultimate Saturday Pass- Club/$197 HV/$207

    Online Sign-Up for everyone!

    We will be participating in the online sign up program this year.
    All members of club will need to purchase an online Ultimate Wednesday pass, and then pay for transportation during sign up week. This will eliminate the need for registration forms and give your parents an opportunity to earn credit card points for sign up fees.

    Regular paper sign-up will NOT be offered this year!
    Keep in mind that transportation fees can be added to any online purchased pass option. ($170 for 8 trips with Niagara Scenic)
    This will get you 8 Wednesday nights with the club.
    Early Online Sign-ups are guaranteed a spot on the bus!

    Note to Parents:

    What a great way to get your kids out of the house on Wednesday nights in the winter months. It will give you a chance to go see a movie, have a dinner night out instead of cooking, or just relax on the couch in front of the fire with a book. This club is not just for the experienced skier or snowboarder. Each club attendance night, the students are entitled to sign up for one free lesson, from beginner to advanced. It is part of their paid membership. All you have to do is pick them up at 10:15 in front of the school, we will take care of the rest.

    Friends and family can also take advantage of club rates. Passes can be purchased through the school and will be delivered to you in the mail. It will not include bus transportation, but what a great way to save a few dollars when planning your winter fun. Unfortunately, I can not offer the student season pass rate to anyone outside of the Lancaster school system. Please email me at mbaehr@lancasterschools.org if you would like to purchase a ski package.

    Check in the "Club Forms" section to the left to view all of your Ultimate pass options.

    Downhill Ski & Snowboard Club Details

    Advisor: Mr. Baehr (Technology Room 166)
    Resort: Holiday Valley
    Busing: Niagara Scenic
    Members: (2019-20 season)- 125, with 8 chaperones, 3 buses
    Night of the Week: Wednesday (3:00- 10:15)
    Approximate Cost:
    $320(8 week Package w/lessons & busing)
    $490 (Night season pass w/lessons & busing)
    ~$320 (no busing, not a club member)
    $605 (Full season pass w/lessons & busing)
    ~$435 (no busing, not a club member)
    RENTALS (8 nights/full season)
    $119 for Unlimited Skis & Snowboard
    $25 for Helmet

    Cost Includes: -8 nights group lift tickets
    (but essentially a Wednesday night season pass)
    - 8 nights transportation
    - 8 lessons (if you want)
    - Bonus Weekend Pass for a Spring Weekend
    (if weather permits)
    Sign-Ups: September 6th(Juniors & Seniors)-October 7th (underclassmen)
    Meeting : Wednesday, September 30th Google Meet through the Classroom

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