• Ski Club Q&A

    Holiday Valley

    Q- Can my parents or relatives buy a season pass at the student rate?
    A- Unfortunately, No. The students rate season pass is for high and under age levels.
    Please check Holiday Valley's web page for pricing.
    All of the Ultimate passes that they offer are discounted $10 through the online sign-ups.

    Q- Do I have to sign up using the online sign up?
    A- Not necessarily, but if you sign up using the traditional method of paper forms,
    there will be a processing fee added on. We are really trying to have full online sign-ups.
    Get the points on your parents credit card.

    Q- What do I do if I can not find my pass?
    A- Holiday Valley will give you a One Time
    printed pass, but then you will have to
    pay $20 to replace your pass.

    Q- Where can I store my equipment in the
    morning for ski club?
    A- In the locker room next to room 158 in
    the filed house hallway.

    Q- How does my Wednesday pass work, can I go
    if club does not?
    A- Yes, essentially you have purchased a
    Wednesday night season pass. It is good
    after 4:30 every Wednesday that Holiday
    Valley is open. In the spring when the stop
    nightskiing, it becomes a Wednesday day pass.

    Q- Is there a free weekend pass attached to my
    Wednesday pass?
    A- Yes, there is a spring weekend pass attached.
    You will need to check with Holiday Valley to
    see when their spring season starts. Usually in

    Q- How many lessons can I take?
    A- You can take one lesson every night that you
    participate with club. Basically you have 8 free
    lessons if you choose to use them.

    Snow Days

    Q- If there is a snow day, will there still be ski club?
    A- No, the board will not allow us to go for liability
    reasons. But your pass will still be valid, and snow
    should not stop skiers.

    Q- If there is a snow day on the day we leave for
    Vermont, will we still go?
    A- Yes, we will go as planned, but we may actually
    leave earlier than planned. Check the website for
    updates and details.


    Q- If I ride up with a friend, can I ride the bus home?
    A- NO, Unless Mr. Baehr specifically speaks with your
    parent or guardian you may not ride the bus home.

    Q- If I ride the bus to Holiday Valley, can I ride home with a
    A- No, if you are on the bus to Holiday Valley, you will
    be on the bus on the way home. If you break this
    rule, you will be suspended from club for 1 week.
    You may ride home with your parent or family but
    Mr. Baehr will need to meet them face to face for

    Q- Where do I get something that I left on the bus?
    A- If we found it, Mr' Baehr will have it in room 166 the
    next day. If we did not find it, then you will need to
    contact the bus company yourself.

    Q- Can I bring movies to show during the bus ride?
    A- Sometimes we will allow student contributions, but it
    must be a movie that is PG-13, PG, or G. No rated R
    movies please.

Last Modified on November 5, 2019