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    Science Honor Society

    Lancaster Central High School

    We will release the updated application in September 2020.


    Membership Requirements 2019-2020

    Science Honor Society at Lancaster Central High School has traditionally used a “credit” system. We will continue to use the same credit system. The breakdown of maintaining your membership in SHS is as follows. MEETINGS ARE MANDATORY.


    You must complete a total of 12 credits per semester (2 quarters) (24 total)


    How you may earn credits during the semester are as follows:


    · Each meeting you attend (1)

    · Each time you recycle. Only 6 members may recycle per day! No recycling on Thursdays! A crew of 3 upstairs and a crew of 3 downstairs (1) SIGN UP EARLY in room 107 or at meetings!

    · Each clock hour you spend at committee meetings/events (per time)

    · Fundraising beyond what is required (1 for double sales, 2 for triple sales…etc.)

    · Each clock hour for participating in any SHS events (per time)

    · Each clock hour for participating in SHS sponsored events (per time)

    · Items for fundrasiers (baskets for auctions, etc.) (1-2)

    · 3 hours of community service that are also used for other clubs (1)***

    · 10 hours of leadership hours that are also used for other clubs (1)***


    *** Hours must be submitted through Google Classroom and include pertinent information and contact information from the supervisor.


    If you have any questions or concerns about maintaining your membership in SHS, please contact Mrs. Miller as soon as possible.

    Thank you,

    Mrs. Miller

    Science Honor Society Advisor




    Officers Duties and Responsibilities

    · All officers will have the responsibility of attending meetings and running meetings according to the agenda created by the president of SHS.

    · All officers are expected to oversee other members.

    · All officers are expected to communicate with the advisor on a regular basis.



    · Recycling in Room 107


    · Spirit Banner in Room 107


    · Christmas Tree Decorating in Room 107


    Meetings are mandatory. Remind sign up is Mandatory!

Last Modified on May 26, 2020