Lancaster Modified Track & Field


    Dear Parents / Guardians:

        It is our pleasure to be working with your athlete during the spring modified track season. We look forward to an energetic and successful season. Below please find information, which will be helpful to you and your athlete.

     Practice / Meets:

    • The length of each practice will be approx. 1 hour & 30 min.
    • We expect full effort and concentration at every practice.
    • Plan on going outside if the temperature is above 40 degrees. Please be prepared to dress appropriately for the weather (Rain or Shine)
    • Never leave before checking with a coach first.
    • Athletes should be ready to begin practice according to the practice schedule. Practices are held at either LMS or LHS. (Weather permitting) Parents are expected to pick athletes up at the end of practice. THERE IS NO LATE BUS!
    • Athletes are to ride the bus to and from meets. An athlete is only allowed to ride home with a parent if a  note has been received prior to the meet. Athletes will only be permitted to leave at the conclusion of our meets!
    • All Meets will be listed on the school web page.
    • Depending on the number of athletes that sign-up, try-outs will be conducted and cuts could be made. Some athletes may also be labeled as a "House" squad athlete, which means they will train with the team but will only be eligible to compete in the teams home meets. This decision will be based on athletic ability, attitude, and / or behavior. 

     Attendance / Behavior:

    • Attendance is mandatory, unless an athlete has a legal excuse. If there are special situations for an athlete to be absent, the athlete must first talk with a coach. An absence the day before a meet means the athlete will not participate in that meet. (Missing practice for dance, cheer, marching band, baseball, lacrosse, etc... is not acceptable. This is a team sport and your commitment to the team  means you will be dedicated to learn and succeed with the team!)
    • Athletes are expected to participate in their scheduled events for all meets! Missing your event means the athlete will not participate in the next competition. If missing events continues the athlete will be removed from the team immediately.
    • All athletes are to remain at the meet until it is complete. Failure to do so will result in the removal of the athlete from the team.


    • Report all injuries to a coach immediately. If you see a doctor, you need a release.
    • All athletes are expected to help with equipment and will be responsible for equipment at meets.
    • The athletes are expected to follow all school rules and to pick up after themselves.
    • Being part of a team is a commitment. Although we understand that at times conflicts with the practice schedule do happen, we would like to ask that they be kept to a minimum.
    • Academics before athletics! If it is revealed that the athlete is not performing, as they should, they will miss practice to seek extra help from the instructor until progress is made. If behavior in school becomes a problem, the student will be removed from the team immediately.



    In case of an emergency during a practice and your athlete needs to be reached, contact the Lancaster High School at 686-3255. Also, please feel free to contact one of the coaches if you have any questions or concerns regarding the track season. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance. We look forward to a fun and successful season.




    Girl's Coach: Don Hauser          dhauser@lancasterschools.org
    Boy's Coach: Jarrett Sinclair       jsinclair@lancasterschools.org      
    Boy's / Girl's Assistant: Dominique Logronio 
    Note: All meets will be at the host schools high school track unless otherwise noted.