Clarinet and Saxophone Students


    Do you have sensitive teeth?
    When you play your instrument, are you covering your top teeth with your top lip so that your top teeth do not touch your mouthpiece?

    If you answered yes to either of these questions, you are a good candidate for using a mouthpiece saver. A mouthpiece saver can be purchased at any local music store. It is a small sticker (usually black or clear in color) that is put on the top of the mouthpiece. They usually cost approximately $5.00 or less. It works by absorbing the vibration from your instrument so that your teeth will not feel the vibration. This is a great tool to use if you have sensitive teeth. It is best to purchase one of these instead of creating a bad habit which can take a long time to correct. Also, if you are rolling your top lip over your teeth instead of placing them on the mouthpiece, this will negatively effect your tone quality (your sound) making it fuzzy and airy. 
Last Modified on October 18, 2018